The best of the best armcrush.  These are truly picturesque and motivating.  Words can't describe them and you have the urge to lift those elbows upon sight of these beauties.


We have posted pictures from France, Sweden, Oman, Argentina, Uruguay, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Poland, Hungary, United Republic of Tanzania, Japan, Switzerland, Spain, Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Italy, Australia, Greece, Costa Rica, Mexico, China, Brazil, Dubai, Haiti, Africa, Thailand, Republic of Columbia, Iceland, Vietnam, Laos, Puerto Rico, Aruba, Jamaica, Germany, Indonesia, Cambodia,  London, New Zealand, India, Turkey, Afghanistan, the Bahamas, Luxembourg and Chile. 

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Cal​l to Arms

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Crushcenter Da Na Nant-Da Na Nant

Let’s crush as many sporting events as possible.  From the nose bleeds down to the front row. Crush one at the ballpark, near the hardwood, against the glass, in the endzone, at Augusta and so on.  Crush while sporting your teams colors and logos -- college, pros, even little league.  

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Going Global 

thearmcrush is looking to make an impact world wide.   Who cares if you don’t speak the native language.  It’s not necessary when you have the universal language of drinking at your disposal.  You’ll instantly make new friends and also convert your enemies. Put it in the hands of the natives and take some photos today.

High Profile

Celebrity armcrush.  Let's make these people really famous. You know you've made it once you have graced the pages of this website.

It started with an eye-witness account of some meathead squatting 550 lbs and immediately following that up with writing it on the wall in hand chalk no less than 6 feet tall to express his meatheadedness.   That phrase was hi-jacked and used consistently since '97. Five Fifty Easy!  If something was easy it was 550 and vice versa.  All thanks to that mullet wearing, gym rat who could fill a baby pool with Miller Lo-Life if you tapped his navel.

You just found $20 in your jeans from 1 week ago? Awesome?  Yes.  But also 550.  That smoking hot girl at the end of the bar just gave you her death stare?  Well, that sucks.  But that baboon fart you left for her is definitely 550.  Your hometown team just won after a 28 year drought?  550. It’s solid, great, super, domination, sick…etc…all rolled up into one.   It’s a response to almost anything which makes zero sense, but somehow works.  

Like 550 thearmcrush has been a staple among this group for over a decade plus now.  Like that meathead this pose is badass. If you are looking to get after it one night or every night raise those #elbowsup and start crushing It!  No need to actually squat 550 lbs.