Country Singer Dustin Lynch is laying claim to the creation of the "Bicep Chug" in the summer of 2013. "The bicep chug is a drinkin' move or position that me and the band guys have come up with on the road - just out of being goofballs, like we are.  One night we were just in - I think it was somewhere in New York - we tweeted a picture of me and a couple of the guys doing a "Bicep Chug", and kind of coined it that."  

Country Singer Dustin Lynch - Takes Ownership of the Bicep Chug

Dustin Lunch and his band are now selling a t-shirt that mirrors our USPTO Registered Trademark and that is no longer considered friendly competition.  We are a realistic, equal opportunity crushers so we know there are no new tricks just new audiences.  We can however lay claim to this website, the trademarked logo, the first t-shirts made and sold, spear heading thearmcrush movement via social media, getting online print and airwave attention and finally taking it to 32+ states and 48 countries worldwide as of today.  Keep Crushin' it, Dustin Lynch and Fans.  Raise those elbows early and often, but come correct and let's talk about these t-shirts.  Update 9/9/2014 - Watch 1:20 minute mark of this video

Dustin Lynch & thearmcrush



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"thearmcrush is the new way to post up and CRUSH a beverage.  This pose is the ultimate badass stature and would make a beautiful image with any cool backdrop."

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Some say thearmcrush is a way of life.  I don’t trust those people… and I also don’t trust anyone with two first names or, as Teen Wolf's Coach Bobby Finstock would say, “any woman with a tattoo of a dagger on her body”. 

like the mullet & el camino thearmcrush hollers: let's get weird rn #elbowsup 🍺💪twitter:@thearmcrush

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