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"The Arm Crush is the new way to post up and CRUSH a beverage.  This pose is the ultimate badass stature and would make a beautiful image with any cool backdrop."

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The Today Show Sept 2015



Dustin Lynch Arm CrushIn'

Country Singer Dustin Lynch is laying claim to the creation of the "Bicep Chug" in the summer of 2013. "The bicep chug is a drinkin' move or position that me and the band guys have come up with on the road - just out of being goofballs, like we are.  One night we were just in - I think it was somewhere in New York - we tweeted a picture of me and a couple of the guys doing a "Bicep Chug", and kind of coined it that."  

Country Singer Dustin Lynch - Takes Ownership of the Bicep Chug

Dustin Lunch and his band are now selling a t-shirt that mirrors our USPTO Registered Trademark and that is no longer considered friendly competition.  We are a realistic, equal opportunity crushers so we know there are no new tricks just new audiences.  We can however lay claim to this website, the trademarked logo, the first t-shirts made and sold, spear heading the Arm Crush movement via social media, getting online print and airwave attention and finally taking it to 32+ states and 48 countries worldwide as of today.  Keep Crushin' it, Dustin Lynch and Fans.  Raise those elbows early and often, but come correct and let's talk about these t-shirts.  Update 9/9/2014 - Watch 1:20 minute mark of this video

Arm Crush In The News

Fox & Friends July 2013

Elbows Up
6223999-16614491 Flex Your Liver
6223999-16614491 Bicep Chug

The Arm Crush

Some say Arm Crushing is a way of life.  I don’t trust those people… and I also don’t trust anyone with two first names or, as Teen Wolf's Coach Bobby Finstock would say, “any woman with a tattoo of a dagger on her body”. 

Like the mullet and the el camino before that, the Arm Crush is telling all "let's get weird". #elbowsup